About Our Vonhera Widow's Foundation

Vonhera widows' foundation was established in 2018 as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with the sole aim of assisting widows cope with some societal challenges. It started with the distribution of food, clothing materials and cash.

In 2019, it was observed that the basic items given to them could not sustain the widows and their families and quickly, the strategy was changed to Empowerment through Agriculture.
Considering that the widows have small parcels of land scattered here and there, the only immediate solution to enhance their farm yield was to provide them with improved varieties of farm input.
As at 2020 the foundation had successfully distributed to the widow the following improved high yield farm imputs; TMS 419 cassava stems, Oba super 8 maize, coconut seedlings and bags of fertilizers.
Resource persons were also engaged during this period to educate the widows on basic fundamentals. They were drawn from Abia state ministry of Agriculture, Health and Nutrition specialists and Theologians. Categorically all these steps taken by the foundation positively impacted on the live of the widows. The women are very grateful and have constantly testified to the improved yield and quality of harvests. It is certain that a good number of them will attest to this.
Do to this unprecedented success record, the number of registered widows have increased from 350 to 750 members between 2018 and 2020. As at today, the number of widows in this venue is over 1000. It is indeed clearly stated in Vonhera Foundation policy not to turn back any widow that steps her feet in our forum.